Entertaining is not just a job, a meaningful worship for others by making them happy, also for ourselves by making ourselves happy and of course also liked by God for sharing happiness
Faiz Rafdillah
CEO PT. FRG Oyagaisha Indonesia

Talent Management

Managing digital talent and talented talent to perform in various fields.

We help each registered member from brainstorming personas, creating content to distributing content to several social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and live streaming media such as Up Live.

Media Platform

A place for artists to work by building a community as surround support

The works of our members will also be distributed on our website, apart from internal content that we create exclusively on our social media channels.

Creative Planner

Plan, develop strategies and execute all forms of planning activities. Especially in the creative field.

We serve event planning, ranging from thanksgiving events, birthday events, wedding anniversaries, parties, music events, weddings and other events according to your request.

Why Us

What we do

Exclusively, we help our members make branding plans for social media from brainstorming, persona formation, content creation, market planning, content distribution and maintenance accompanied by development after content is distributed.

We are working with a live streaming application called Uplive as a provider of young talents who will later become official hosts in the application that will allow them to work together with other live streaming applications.

We accept offers to create exclusive events starting from planning, developing ideas to executing events such as weddings, music concerts, government events, parties or other events even if it is as small as a simple thanksgiving event.



About Us

Who we are

The whole process that we do has an official license under the auspices of a company that ensures our legality. All transactions also use an account in the name of our company.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

We have chosen the best team with our supervision and direction, we guarantee the perfection of all processes that will make every detail of your event and talent development process something you can be proud of and fulfill your satisfaction in working with us.

Be careful with various parties on behalf of our team who may commit fraud against the lure of high prices and guarantees using on our behalf. Never make payment transactions other than on behalf of PT. FRG Oyagaisha Indonesia. VALCA Entertainment and VALCA Media are fully part of Indonesia. All transactions using accounts other than our company account are not our responsibility.

Some of